#UnitedWeBrunch is a brunch for female professionals (we invite all those who identify as such, regardless of orientation or gender conformation). The purpose is to spearhead empowerment and networking for female professionals to cultivate friendships, business partnerships and a support system.

Past guests include: Issa Rae of HBO's new show Insecure, Lena Waithe of Master of None, Nina Parker, Angelica Nwandu (Founder ofThe Shade Room), Melody Ehsani, Devi Brown and so many more.

Why are we going on tour?

We receive emails and comments on our social media pages  requesting our presence in various cities and we WANT to be able to spend time with, collaborate and inspire the women requesting our time. Also, we love to travel! 


Where are we going?




New Orleans (Hey, Mardi Gras!)

Austin, TX (SXSW)


Who are our guests of honor for the tour?

Updates will be on unitedwefunction.com (@uwfunction).


Deun Ivory

Deun Ivory is a multifaceted creative most-recognized for her aesthetic as a photographer + illustrator.  Through her artistry, she has created a space for women of color to feel valued, affirmed + celebrated. Her eye for compelling imagery + elegant use of minimalism has garnered the attention of Essence Magazine + other major brands who've declared her an influencer + an artist to watch. 



Mama’s Boy

445 N Dearborn Street

Chicago, IL 60654